What a GYST Day is & My Biggest Hack for Perfecting One!

If you have never heard of the phrase "GYST DAY" I'll quickly catch you up:

GYST Day = Get-Your-Sh!t-Together Day (or Get-Your-Stuff-Together if that's more your speed).

The philosophy behind this day is to take allllll the things from your ever-growing

to-do list that keep getting pushed off, and clear one whole day to get them done (I do it once a week, but you can start out once a month if that's easier).

It is a HIGHLY efficient way of catching up while also doing some self-reflection. The first step in having a GYST Day is of course, making your to-do list. The second is mapping out a plan to help you stay on track!

Here's my method - every Friday morning I pour myself a cup of coffee, and write out my GYST Days' list divided into the following five categories:

  • WORK (any unfinished IMG details from the week)

  • HOUSE (cleaning, meal prep, laundry, garden, projects)

  • ERRANDS (shopping, groceries, bank, post office, etc.)

  • SELF CARE (workouts, hair apts., mani / pedi)

  • EVENTS (birthdays / bbqs / weddings / showers - God knows there is ALWAYS something!)

Now here is the fun part, (well, *fun* for a list maker / planner / over-organizer such as myself). After I've filled out my info for each section I go through and label the categories 1-5 in order of importance!

This is so satisfying because as you map out the days' priorities, you get to literally SEE where you've been sacrificing the most in the week and for what. And, even though the order will likely change from week to week, you can start to see your long-term habits more clearly.

No matter the priority arrangement, giving yourself a whole day devoted to knocking out the things that have been piling up in various categories of your life is a great chance for a refresh! I created a pretty pdf to help you get started organizing your categories too. Enter your email below and it'll be on its way!

Happy GYST-ing!