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Anxious-excited. Definitely.

I did it. I started a blog.

<insert wild, blood shot eyes, and some crazy lookin' hair here>

This blog aims to be a platform of communication, education, and meaningful connection. It is a bit eclectic in topic, covering both personal and business, because in real life the two often blend. So first things first.

Let's Cut Straight to the Chase:

The way I see it, you've already invested time, money, and energy into building your own business or brand. Now you NEED to make sure your online presence (aka website) isn't driving away potential revenue because it looks cheap or basic.

In fact, quite the opposite. Your website needs to be so spectacular that it draws people in and connects them to you in a matter of seconds. And that happens to be my specialty :)


Now I know, there are A LOT of blogs out there..."I mean, a lot, a lot..." And further, a good chunk of them feature similar topics I'll be exploring. But here's my sacred promise to you:

I'll never force it.

If I don't have content that is 100% well thought out, planned, and high-quality? I won't share it.

If I'm not passionate about what I'm expressing? I won't post it. Because I know exactly just how annoying it is to click on a link, only to realize it was a huge waste of life.

Consequently, I still have a lot to share. So my second promise to you is this:

I'll never censor truth.

It's important you know that. I am incredibly passionate about drawing out the best in people, and calling them back to their most authentic selves within their own lives and trades.

I have found within my own journey that the road leading there often requires some aggressive truth, and a spotlight to melt off the junk we've hardened ourselves with over the years. When we get back to being genuine and childlike, thats where the magic of meaningful connection awaits.

So if you're looking for sugar-coated answers, fake fancy stories, or false inspiration that usually ends up making you feel worse about yourself...its not here. What you'll get from me is real CONNECTION.

Mostly in the form of "shit-or-get-off-the-pot" answers, "oh-my-gosh-you-did-WHAT?" stories, and "yes-you-and-your-life-really-do-matter" inspiration...and also a lot of nerdy website & business talk.🤓

Are you with me still? You good with that?

Great! I knew we'd get along.


Fun Fact About Me

I love 90's to early 2000's movies, and if you know me at all, you know I love them for their quotes! (Seriously, I have a vault of movies within me, and I often pull RANDOM quotes from them in everyday conversations). I've already put two in this blog post and I bet you didn't even notice! (If you did, I applaud you).

Here's a handful of my favorite quote-worthy movies:

  • The Other Sister

  • First Wives Club

  • Ever After

  • The Wedding Singer

  • The Grinch

  • Bruce Almighty

  • Lord of the Rings / Harry Potter / Chronicles of Narnia

  • Dances with Wolves

  • Hocus Pocus

  • Mean Girls / The Hot Chick / Romy & Michelle's High School Reunion

So now its only right that I end my first blog post with a 90's movie quote capturing the essence of stepping out of your comfort zone, and everything turning out peachy:


"Anxious, nervous? Like totally, completely dreading it?

Or anxious-exicted, like looking forward to it?" (Elizabeth James)

"Anxious-excited. Definitely." (Halle Parker)

-The Parent Trap


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